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What's Jimbo up to?


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I came across the Springdale City Council Meeting Agenda for Feb 28. Jimbob wants to rezone .65 acres from Large Product Retail Sales to General Commercial District, and declares it an emergency. Anybody speak government/legalese? What's he up to?


Bottom of page 1

http://www.springdalear.gov/docs/agenda ... Agenda.pdf

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It appears to be the Taco Tico lot. (That "Josh owned" - ha!) City council agendas from early 2011 showed Jimbob trying to convert the lot from general commercial to large product, they denied it, he had to appeal it, apparently finally succeeded and now is trying to convert it back to general commercial use so he can unload it. Ha! Maybe you should let your adult son fight his own battles and buy his own car lot, Jim-bo. Leave & cleave, baby.

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