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I'm not a Taryn expert by any means. But I've been posting on a public forum for over 10 years and there is this Taryn like creature that posts on there. I often wonder about the twists and turns her posts take and I've wrestled about posting some of her bon mots over here. But today one particularly stands out. Its on a thread about spanking. The subject has been revisited many times on that forum. This is her reply to a man who mentions creative options for not spanking. His post was lucid argument that we've heard in the past.

This is her response:

It has been my experience that the genus 'sorbus' is prone to disciplinary activities

(Sorbus is unrelated to the true ash trees which belong to the genus Fraxinus, although the leaves are superficially similar) and of all the (Rosaceae) that one might be unfortunate to encounter, my spiritual parents were paraphyletic.

This is another response on from her regarding an atheist posting about how he formulated his ethical values:

I've been in the same crappy state of mind all day...

must be something in the water. I can understand how you could become toxified being on the forum as much as you are. Its like ingesting poisonous and carcinogenic materials from a mirage on the desert. Stale water is full of bacterium.

I have had the devil sit down next to me on a park bench. He didn't offer me the world or anything extraordinary like that but the dog did vomit profusely.

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Wow that is some mixed up posting - I think that poster has either a medical or psychiatric problem - and it is - dare I say - worse than the usual Taryn ramblings.

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While they certainly have a certain Taryn-esque style to them, I don't think it's her. She would never say crappy, spiritual parents, or use paragraphs.

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