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Christmas on the Fundie Farm


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As with most Christmases that involve the old fundie church, this one was mixed. On the plus side, there are some truly warmhearted(i.e. they're friendly with nonfundies, too), kind people there and it was really nice to see them. On the other hand, it was kind of sad to see how things appear to be going at the church. If anything, it's getting even more fundie/conservative than when I was growing up there.

We went to the late service, so I missed the royalty sightings. Apparently, there were some there earlier in the day as well as some other folks who are pretty big in fundie-reformed circles, but not in blogland. I forgot my camera (sorry!), so I don't have a photo of my aunt's splendid green corduroy frumper with embroidered candy canes. However, you can probably picture it well. Some circles have Christmas sweaters, but I spotted more than a few Christmas frumpers in our church - including a snazzy bright blue cotton one printed with silver glitter snowflakes. Most were worn by children, but there was one little old lady in a long flowy dress embroidered with stars and full-on Nativity scenes. She also had a really awesome big, gold hat. Tacky as it all was, I had to smile with her rather than at her because she just seemed so happy, and it was very obvious that she knew full well she was quite a sight and that she was doing it because it made her happy.

Back to the sad stuff. The sermon was all about how the world just doesn't get "real" Christianity and people have gotten too worldly, letting their children read trashy books, play video games and go to public school instead of homeschool. Feminists and the forces of political correctness are ruining American civilization, etc...

Oh, and here was the rather uncomfortable part. It was a communion service, and they had people go up to the front to get the elements. However, the deacons would hand the elements to the male of the family for them to be passed out amongst the rest. My dad was home sick, and they actually had my husband give communion to me and my mom. At first I thought it was a convenience thing, but then I saw that the wife was the one next in line for the family behind us, and the deacon actually pulled her and the little kids aside to make them wait for the husband. That seriously weirded me out.

One positive thing: there was an announcement on the bulletin board for parenting class/support group to help people "move beyond the violent and unbiblical techniques found in the popular parenting book, To Train up a Child." The church seems to be moving ever closer to the VF way of life (they even have the catalogs out in the resource room along with all kinds of VA homeschooling materials), but I was glad to see that.

And I'm probably forgetting a bunch of stuff, so if you have questions on particular things, feel free to ask!

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Oooh, where was this church located? Somewhere in VA, you say?

Geez Louise, AD... I thought you'd finally flounced.

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Oh, and one other interesting thing I noticed. Fashion sense seems to be evolving in fundie-dom. Many of the middle-aged and older women were still in frumpers and dresses with little lace collars that otherwise look like shapeless bags. However, I noticed that most of the 20s/30s crowd seemed to be going for more of a "fashionable fundie" look - think Botkinettes rather than Duggars.

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