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Ministry schools and Fundie baptism?

Queen of Serpents

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Hiya two quick inquiries:

Ministry schools-

Does anyone have any info on Davis College? davisnyedu/ My cousin went there and I believe he got some type of ministry degree. He's pretty fund lite and met and married a pretty nice woman that he met there. The only thing I know about the school from my aunt, is that it's "accredited" and he earned a scholarship through the church they attended. My cousin is pretty cool, though the rest of my family is Catholic, and my aunt found a quiz about knowledge of the Bible regarding Christmas. I was rambling off answers from Catholic school and beat his score and he seemed really flustered. "I'm getting a degree in this! What the heck?? How did I not know this?" so I was wondering about the type of education there. Judging by an academic catalog, the degree seems to be really well rounded and there is a class that touches upon sexuality, but the code of conduct prohibits "sexual sins" and "homosexual behavior." Which makes me question some of the classes, like the psych classes and social work classes when you're already judging people.

I also know a girl that graduated from college with me who is doing the Master's Commission, which I found interesting because she was a Psych major with me and was very active in the Women and Gender Studies department (though she refused to take the Human Sexuality class to have a double major because she said it would be against her religion). By Senior year she would get really nasty when I asked her to explain differences between being born again and Catholic. She took a religion class that was taught by a Catholic priest, and he started the class by essentially saying "Don't take the Bible literally" and she was apparently really offended and wrote a nasty email to the professor and was horrified because the class wasn't going to help her when she was going to do ministry. I tried to explain that Catholics don't take the Bible literally and that she should stick it out because she was probably going to get important historical and cultural info, but she wasn't too happy with that response. She also hated the APA because it... violated her religious beliefs? Something about not being able to use religion in counseling. I tried to argue that it would be good to be aware of all faiths if you can bring in religion tactfully and provide appropriate resources, but it sounded like she only wanted to counsel to other Christians. She said other bs that was related to her personal beliefs that I wanted to call her out on, but I decided to spend the last few days of my Senior year partying. I did learn that before you apply there is a huge questionnaire and interview process and they clearly do not want LGBT individuals, and that kinda bothered me that she wasn't annoyed by that, given she was so active in the Women and Gender Studies department.

I'm just curious about these really focused ministry schools and the kind of education they provide and the job market when they graduate. Two acquaintances of mine are doing a Master's in Divinity at Colgate Rochester and they are very well-educated and liberal and the courses listed are pretty impressive, including classes on LGBT spirituality, women in religion, and interfaith dialogues.

Who can attend a Born Again baptism?

Both my cousin and my boyfriend's cousin were baptized when they converted to Born Again, but they did not invite their Catholic family members. Is this common? I'm just used to Catholic baptisms with "LOL CRYING BABIES" and a little party afterwards. (My second cousin decided to have a pretty lavish reception for her baby girl. I got a Cosmo and a baby to snuggle! Heaven!) I was just wondering because my aunt was pretty hurt that she wasn't invited to her son's baptism and when she was telling me my grandpa overheard and got really confused.

"You didn't baptize him when he was a baby? I could've sworn I was there!"

"We did, but he got baptized later in our church."

"... ain't you Catholic? I thought he was Catholic."

"We're Christian."

"Do I have to get baptized again? Is that a new rule? I'm too old for this."

"No, it's just for our church."

"... ain't you guys Catholic?"

(That went on for a few minutes until Grandpa just settled on "whatever" and read the paper.)

And I guess some quick info on me. Went from preachy Catholic teen to preachy feminist. Trying to mellow out because I caught some friends rolling their eyes. My paternal Grandma "DeeDee" was very religious and very liberal. She was active in the Knights of Lithuania at church. When she passed that really shook me and I haven't been to church for a while (local and world politics, my Lithuanian parish at home closed and the one close to where I moved to also closed. Trying to email parishes to see if a lot of the members went to a specific place and if they are doing anything to keep the culture alive. I know back home my dad is working hard with the one Polish church left and trying to hold potluck dinners with ethnic food to keep that alive. We had a family that did folk dancing but they were a little off and I think they were trying to set me up with one of their sons which just made me really uncomfortable.)

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Oh jeeze, that's not good.

I knew it sounded fishy when she was describing living with a family and films that she could not watch, but it sounded like she was under the assumption that she would have a marketable degree to go with her Psych degree if she wanted to pursue Christian counseling later. Though she did have a traumatic event that happen to her before she converted to born again and she started posting a lot of the "submit to God" type of facebook statuses.

Then again, when a friend of mine joined Mary Kay, she was seriously considering joining and MK set off red flags the first time I was invited to a party. (I won a tube of lipstick and that was as far as I supported Mary Kay.)

Are cults just super attractive to fundies?

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Unless they are in some sort of cult, anyone can attend believer's baptism, since it usually happens during a normal Sunday morning service.

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Okay, that makes sense. I just thought if one cousin on my side and a cousin on my boyfriend's side didn't invite Catholic family then maybe there was a specific rule, but I guess that was just a weird coincidence. My hometown had several Catholic churches and less than three Protestant churches, so I'm more familiar with Catholic rules than any other Christian sect, so I'm trying to learn more and be more open minded. Thank you!

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