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Voddie's Take On Proverbs 31


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[Let me say that I have never argued that a woman cannot or should not work (though this is precisely what evangelicals in the blogosphere and on the airwaves have accused me of). In fact, I am on record (see: Family Driven Faith, and my previous post) on the subject and I have been unambiguous. Ironically, my daughter, Jasmine works for me! She is my research assistant, and she runs our on line store (the store is down right now as we outsource order fulfillment). How, then, do some accuse me of arguing that a woman cannot work?

I was getting a bit excited that he was more open minded than I thought.

Sigh. I was wrong

Hence, the farmer’s wife who helps with the harvest, the baker’s wife who works by his side, or the accountant’s wife who works as his receptionist in his home business are all in a different category than the so-called ‘career gal’ (not my term) who spends her life as a “helper fit†(Genesis 2:18) for another man (or a corporation) instead of her husband. Alistair Begg has said it well:[/quote

So, women can work for their husbands and fathers-probably without pay-but not for anyone else. Allister Begg is an idiot. So my dental hygienist who talks endlessly about the child that she gave birth to is not a mother? Um....that is the stupidest thing that I have ever heard.

Lots of women who choose to work do not have nannies either. The Proverbs woman had servants. I don't think that she took all her children with her to buy and sell the fields. Chances are a relative are servant was taking care of her kids. Of course, she didn't punch a clock. No one did in the Old Testament times. That doesn't mean that the people did not work.

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Oh for the love of sanity.

Do we live in Old Testament Israel?

And even if we had the choice, would the most fundie of fundies want to live in OT Israel? (I think, if they thought about the implications for their religious practice, that no; they would not so wish)


Also. "gal". Really? Not your term, no Vodie, but delightfully condescending none the less!

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Stupidity hurts.

Negotiating the purchase of land, planting a vineyard, making clothes and selling them - how is that NOT work? It doesn't say that she helped her husband's business. She was clearly running a few of her own. And yes, she had household help.

Does he think that men were punching time clocks, or being "career men" back then? The office cubicle didn't exist.

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