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I Know This Missionary


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I don't know if any of you will find this interesting. When I was in Iowa, this man was one of the missionaries that our church helped fund. I know got along well with his parents and my sons played with his youngest brother.

In the first video, he briefly talks about a family whose father was making a lot of money. After they became Christian, they stopped making money and are just barely getting by. I'm not certain why he told that story. It doesn't sound like a good advertisement for Christianity. "Join us and your kids might starve."

He says that the Hindus, Muslims and Catholics want him out of the area but so far he hasn't said why.

People don't believe in evolution in the country where he is a missionary so they don't argue about that

He also says that the Muslims and Hindus don't know their own faith. Satan has them confused. He mentioned that Catholics bow down to idols.

Warning, he doesn't have the most stimulating voice.

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He is a bit judgemental in number four. According to him, in a lot of the churches that he attends, people are faking love for Christ. Even if they are in church every Sunday morning, evening and Wednesday, they still don't love god. I am not certain how he knows who is and who isn't a Christian.

6:40 kids aren't expected to submit to authority. Their friends' don't make their children submit. The child throws a fit so the family gives in to them. Wow. I would hate to think that these people were staying at my house. LOL

I've written before that Kyle got into a bit of trouble because of this letter that has been taken off his site.

http://www.caribbeannewsnow.com/caribne ... &arcday=29

The country of Guyana is in spiritual darkness. They are gripped by the power of Satan, and are searching for hope within the false religions that plague the country. Guyana has religion, but they don’t have Christ. Our desire is to go to Guyana and help win souls to Christ through evangelism, Biblical training, and church planting.

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