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Submission and Peace


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This is a discussion from a Christian homeschooling forum that I lurk on.

This poster had two decisions to make and was having trouble making them. Her husband made the decisions for her (His answer was No!) and she is grateful that she is loved a protected by him. She's not thrilled with his answer, mind you, but grateful to be told what to do. A less godly man would tell her to make those decisions herself. But she is just a silly, emotional woman, and was not able to make these decisions.



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Sounds to me like she gets to be the "good guy" while at the same time saying no to seeing her friends and the hassle of a puppy.

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Guest Anonymous
Oh my. She is not submissive, she is a spineless doormat. Big difference.

Mm hmm. Let me guess, you practice submission to your darling Nigel but that's not the way it works in your marriage. He always asks your opinion and is oh so considerate but if ever you two disagree, he gets the final say.

Blah, blah, fucking blah. We've heard this tale before.

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