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The Last Duel


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So, I finally got around to watching this on HBO Max.  When I heard about it well over a year ago, I was excited.  I usually like Ridley Scott films, and I'll watch Adam Driver read the phone book.  

One of my favorite reviewers on YouTube, Chris Stuckmann, made a video titled "The Last Duel shouldn't have bombed" and ALL the comments were people loving the film.  So again, I was excited.  

I started watching it a couple weeks ago.  About 1/3 of the way through, our internet connection went out temporarily.  I was so bored and disinterested that I just got around to watching the rest of it last night.  

I do not understand what the commenters on Chris' channel were raving about.  I thought this movie SUCKED ROCKS.  It was AWFUL!  The writing was absolutely atrocious IMO - stilted, dry, boring.  A movie that takes place in medieval France and all the characters have American or slight British accents...y'all couldn't even TRY to sound a little better?  The characters were like two-dimensional cardboard cutouts.  The costumes were OK, but the hair and makeup choices...just NO.  I had to stifle a giggle every time Ben Affleck appeared with that horrible blonde dye job.  Same with Matt Damon's giant mullet.  The plot was predictable for me; I knew how the rest of this movie was going to go about halfway through. Adam did well with what he was given, I guess (what he was given was garbage writing).

They had a chance to make something really great here and just completely blew it.  The only other time I can remember being this disappointed by a film was Elizabeth: The Golden Age (which was absolute garbage compared to the first film).  Color me utterly confused by the rave reviews; I just don't get it.

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I hated it. Yes you say the mullet and  dye job . And  they took an actual story of a vicious gang attack( horrific and despite that the duel was still needed as it didn't matter two men had  attacked her)  and changed it to make some poor and badly made point about modern me too. I thought it was awful 

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