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The Cammilleri Sisters


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The Cammilleri sisters popped up in my popular page after looking at all the Bates wedding pics from this weekend. They appear to be a fundie family with 8 daughters who travel and sing. Anyone follow them or know of them? I would post pics but was unsure of all the rules. Their family page is all8sisters.com

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ANNA FELLURE, Milton, FL,  Married to Jacob
Mommy to a heart baby
Music teacher

Saw this in one of the bios.  Apparently heart baby is a generic reference to some type of (congenital?) heart defect. 

They don't seem too crazy...one of them lives in my city and homeschools though.  


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1 hour ago, llucie said:

is every fundie family part of a singing group?

It sure seems like it.

Maybe I should form a touring singing group. I can't carry a tune to save my life and I have zero talent in the music department in general but then how different am I from Jill? I could tour and grift just like them ...free covid as a bonus. Book now people - no doubt my schedule will be filling up ASAP. 🤪

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