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Pete Evans: From Celebrity Chef to Neo-Nazi


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Pete Evans is a former "celebrity" chef who has managed to move from mainstream to Paleo to anti-vaxxer to now it appears neo-Nazi sympathizer. Happily this has impacted on his income stream, as the most recent posting has led to him being fired by most of his employers, and his brands dumped by supermarkets. I can't say I have much sympathy for him, not least because his way of dealing with criticism is to send in the flying monkeys, particularly if the criticism comes from a woman.

And now of course he has quit Facebook for Parler, where he can hang out with all his neo-Nazi mates. Poor Pete. Are the nasty people fact checking and calling you on your bullshit again? 

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Is that the guy who was named The Next Food Network Star and then they stripped the title from him because of his racist and homophobic tirades?  

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Not sure - he's more gone down a route from wellness as personified by an over dedication to the paleo diet, followed by giving unqualified and startlingly ignorant medical advice (avoid dairy if you have osteoporosis), then veered off into the weirder side of wellness fads... and then came covid, which got him kicked off most mainstream platforms after he attempted to spread his medical advice about it there. The Nazi meme share came later. Unfortunately it wouldn't necessarily surprise me if that was him too.

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