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Hi! We play a ton of board games in our house, but have recently been focusing on a few and their many expansions. We play a lot of Settlers of Catan, and only have one expansion (Cities and Knights). We find the expansion to be a lot to focus on, and tend to stick to the original.

We also play a ton of Pandemic, and have the expansions On the Brink and just purchased In The Lab, which we are finding really challenging in a fun way.

Lastly, we cannot stop buying new expansions for Dominion! We have Seaside, Prosperity, and just ordered Intrigue.

What games do you all play? Any expansions you can recommend?

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I mostly just play old school games , such as chess , and pachisi .  As one might imagine , I've never gotten into Dungeons and Dragons , given the moral panic surrounding it , and my parents being conservative evangelicals.   https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-26328105  ,  https://hobbylark.com/tabletop-gaming/dungeons-and-dragons-controversy  

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