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‘God is responsible’ for repairs, a cemetery reportedly said after flooding exposed caskets


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Here's why I'm in a bad mood now.


When Robin Marion visited the Monrovia Union Cemetery on Tuesday, just days after record-breaking amounts of rain had inundated Charleston, S.C., over the weekend, she was shocked at what she saw.

Several graves were underwater. Other grave vaults, disturbed by the recent flooding, were jutting above ground, a few popped open to expose the caskets inside. A pool of water had formed in much of the rain-softened ground.

All around, Marion said, were other upset visitors trying to clean up — or, in some cases, simply locate — their loved ones' gravesites.

“A lot of people were crying. A young lady was a little distraught, standing on top of her mother’s vault trying to put pressure on it to get it back down,” Marion told The Washington Post. “It’s just sad. This is a disaster.”

Marion said that her grandmother, great-grandmother and several cousins are buried at the historic African American cemetery in downtown Charleston but that she and her sisters still have not been able to locate their great-grandmother’s site. Theirs is just one of several families with loved ones buried at Monrovia who said they have been pushing for a meaningful response from the cemetery owners without success.

This is grade a horse fucking shit.  If this had been a white cemetery the people in charge probably would've moved heaven and fucking Earth to fix the problems there.

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