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How are you smelling today?


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I've always been extremely sensitive to scents. When I was about 14, Gwen Stefani released her Harajuku Lovers perfume line. As someone who was a japanophile and still adores collecting little cute things, I wanted all the perfumes just to collect the little toppers!

While I enjoyed most of the first line ("Music" was my favorite and I disliked "Baby"), to this day I still have bottles scattered around that I haven't used. There's a whole 3.4oz bottle of Wicked Style "Love" I can't stand to use. I just realized how much I hate patchouli.

Anyway, I still really love Wicked Style "Baby;" it was used to spritz my love letters when I was 15 and it's still my super special occasion perfume, lol. I seem to like fresher scents, and this has a well defined vanilla-musk-amber scent that finishes really cleanly. It's creamy and rich but still very light.


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