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Fixing up the place!

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  After much discussion we've decided to buy the trailer we've been renting since January this year. We've decided to buy the place so we can make appropriate modifications both for my wheelchair access and just to make it nicer. 

   Things we plan to do as soon as we are approved for this place (find out for sure on Wednesday) are:

Pull up carpets and put down floating wood floors

Paint the walls (blue for the living room, green for the kitchen)

Put in a roll in shower in the master bathroom

Eventually pull the washer and dryer out into the kitchen and turn the tiny laundry room into a pantry. 

Put up a better ramp (this is happening ASAP as I crashed on my shitty ramp and could have killed myself Saturday night) This is happening even if we end up not being able to buy this house as I need a safe ramp.

Put in sliding glass doors in for our front door as they are easier for me to operate.

    So hopefully as soon as we hear we can get things started! I'll post some house pics after I take them this evening if you guys want to see what  I'm working with

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