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Arrest warrant issued for substitute teacher involved in CRCSD sex scandal


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There was a young substitute teacher in Cedar Rapids, Iowa who had an inappropriate relationship with a student.

She decided on a second career as a stripper after getting found out and told her services as a teacher are no longer needed.



A judge issued a bench warrant Thursday for Mary Beth Haglin, calling for her arrest. Court documents show she violated her no-contact order.

Haglin, who is 24, is set to go to trial in November. She pleaded not guilty to a charge of sexual exploitation by a school employee. During a past interview with TV9, she admitted she had an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old student at Washington High School in the Cedar Rapids Community School District.

An episode of the TV program "Crime Watch Daily" shows Haglin met with the student at Woody's Show Club in Cedar Rapids earlier this month. Video embedded in this story comes from the TV show "Crime Watch Daily."

The Linn County Attorney's Office says they believe Haglin initiated some contact with the defendant some time after her release, which is a violation of a condition of her pretrial release. That's why they sought a warrant to arrest her.

Yeah, if you're gonna violate pre-trial release, don't have it on video.  Here's the video that shows her chatting with the student.


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This is a local story for me too. Not my kids' high school, but I know people who graduated from Washington. Not to mention I drive by Woody's on my way to work. It's conveniently located next to a truck stop.

She wasn't very good at hiding, was she? And still the principal wrote her a letter of recommendation and left her on the substitute roll after the investigating the matter and removing her from her position at Washington. There was a house cleaning of  Washington staff afterward. It seems to be another case of not taking abuse of a teenage boy by a woman seriously.

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"I love you, my lobster"? 

No, Bambi, it's not confusing. You're an ephebophile who can't keep your hands off your victim, who refuses to take responsibility for your actions, who violated your position of authority and who continues to act as though you are above the law.

It's not confusing at all.

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