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London, Ontario taxi driver fired for rape comments to passenger


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Kudos to the male passenger who reported this.  He seems to feel bad because of how viral his post went, as well as for getting the guy fired, but still, he did the right thing.
I wish we in the USA and Canada had more support structures for new immigrants, including lessons about our culture and values as well as ESL classes.  This taxi driver was obviously wrong and disgusting to say what he said, but unfortunately those are apparently the values of the world he came from, and I can't judge him (since he only spoke wrong and didn't do wrong as far as we know) for not having learned what is appropriate in our culture. 
I happily welcome immigrants of all cultures who are seeking freedom here - but they need to be taught that freedom is for all of us, and one person's rights end where anothers' rights begin. It kind of sucks that the guy was fired.  Possibly now he's going to blame a sick society that values whore-women wearing yoga pants over hard-working taxi drivers.  Instead of getting education about our culture so he can understand that everybody's rights, whether we agree with them or not, matter more than our individual opinions.         

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I feel bad that a guy lost his job, and I understand that cultural differences and differences in values can be a real challenge for newly arrived immigrants, but there is no excuse for a person of any culture to think that it's OK to sexually violate a woman just because she's wearing tight pants. Or to rape any woman (or man) for any reason. I would have been happy if his work just gave him a stern talking-to, and I do think that there should be more resources and outreach to newly arrived immigrants about the culture and values of their new homes, and how to avoid misunderstandings, faux pas, and possible legal problems because of the differences and culture shocks they might encounter. Plus more resources for advocates and organizers within those communities to do outreach and help new immigrants feel less isolated.

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