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I didn't see any topics about this or the individual shows, but what do you think of some of the crap TV Land has been producing in the past few years?  I love to watch the retro-shows they air, but the constant commercials for their original series often make me scratch my head.  Here are a few - 

1 - Im-Pastor - I've never watched it, but based on the commercials it's about an undercover detective posing as a gay priest.  Full of the typical slap-stick you'd expect from a heterosexual/non-religious man acting as a gay priest.  I figured it would last one season, but apparently it's coming back again.

2.  Younger - Another I am not interested in.  Seems like an edgier, updated SITC.  They claim it's the "hottest" and "most talked about" show on TV.  Really?  I guess I'm way out of the loop.  The premise seems good, 40- something female dates 20-something male and he has no clue, also her workplace thinks she in her 20s as well.  Once she's found-out, I'd think the thrill would be gone.

3.  Teachers - I've watched most of these and find a lot of the jokes and situations hilarious as I have taught before and know many teachers.  Some scenes go a bit too far (raunchy) and makes me think HBO would have been a better fit for this show.  The actresses/comediennes are quite talented and I've heard it's coming back for another season.

4.  The Soul Man - Never watched.  I can only take so much of Niecey Nash.  I thought the show was dead years ago, but it seems to be back in full-force.

5.  George Lopez - Wow did he age!  Seems to revolve around his Mexican-american heritage and the struggles he faces with stereotypes and bias with that in his life and career.  I'll admit, I don't "get" most of the jokes.  As it's new, I'm curious how long it will last.

There are others that I can't think of right now.  

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@MatthewDuggar,  I think the guy in Impastor is supposed to be a con man on the run.  I watched a lot of the first season of Younger.  It was OK, but I think the shtick would get old after a while.  I mean, how long could she pretend to be a twentysomething?  You didn't mention The Jim Gaffigan Show which I like more than the others.  

I liked the earlier TV Land original shows like Hot in Cleveland and The Exes.  Hot in Cleveland ran for 6 seasons and The Exes for 4.  I think The Exes was hurt by Kristen Johnson's illness.  I can't recall what she had but it knocked her off her feet for a while.

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I have no desire to watch any of the new TVLand originals you mentioned. I agree with @PennySycamore that the Jim Gaffigan show seems like the best of a bad lot. I'm guessing TVLand isn't paying much to produce these shows. I wish TVLand would bring back some older shows they used to run.

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