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Grey's Anatomy Finale 11x25 -Who's gonna watch?


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Did anyone watch last night's episode? I thought of it as one of the best episodes in years. Right now I doubt that the season finale could get any better but in Shondaland you'll never know I guess...

So, does anyone have any predictions for the finale next week? My guess is that Maggie's parents are going to divorce and that's the news she got on the phone. Alex and Jo will split up or Camilla Luddington is going to leave the show so they'll send her wherever. I doubt that April and Jackson will break up but Jackson has been annoying me with his insecure rivalry towards Hunt. Jackson is obviously pissed at Hunt for taking April with him but I thought for the character development of April, this was the best idea the writers had in ages. April's become a real trooper and I love it. I have this feeling that they'll send Jackson into combat zone as well to prepare Japril's make up. As for Meredith and Amelia, I hope they'll make up as well and for the latter I'd wish that she gets a revealing scene with Hunt. They both hit it off. I suppose the episode will end with Richard's and Catherine Avery's wedding, though I think Catherine is so full of herself I can barely tolerate her.

I'd love to hear your guesses as well. :)

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498 views and nobody watched it or has an opinion? :? :cry:

I thought the season finale was excellent and to the point, every character is headed in a promising way.

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