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Monty Python is comparable to the manosphere


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I started to read the article and my brain rebelled. What the hell is the writer talking about? Apparently, I can't laugh at the Monty Python skit about the black knight if I am offended at an article called 6. Reasons Not Rape A Girl. I am a little frightened to open the link to that article, but she is defending its humor.

Okay, I read the article that she is defending. Someone in her comment section said that it was making fun of those ads that 'teach men not to rape women'. I don't know the ads that they are referencing so I can't say.

The actors in Monty Python were pretending to "attack" one another(in other words, acting) in the Black Knight Skit In the idiotic article that she referenced, the writer gives six reasons not to rape a female and none of them include because women are human and you shouldn't hurt people.

She then mentions that in the movie, The Evil Dead, a girl gets raped. I saw that movie but I am going to take a wild guess that the writers and directors assumed that their audience were disgusted by the rape. In fact, I read an interview by the director of the original Evil Dead and he regretted including the rape scene in the first movie and asked that they remove it from the remake. The producer insisted that it remain. The rape scene in neither movie was humorous and weren't meant to be. In the first movie, the rape scene seemed more an excuse to show a girl naked, while in the remake, the rape seemed more frightening but the woman was clothed

Unless someone swears to never laugh at anything bad, ever, they are not living up to their own morality. And taking everything so seriously makes us humorless and depressed, and not fun to be around. Therefore, holding onto such a moral is a very weak, self-handicapping principle in the first place.

So, if I laugh at something dark, I have to find everything funny or I am being a hypocrite. :evil-eye:

What is ironic is that she could have better defended the writer of the article better by including the words he wrote at the end of his piece. Throwing the words liberal and feminists around in a negative matter doesn't help her cause either. Don't conservatives find rape offensive? Anyone who complains will be placed into the category of feminists and liberal so that they can be ignored.

Here is what the writer of 6 Reasons Not To Rape A Girl wrote at the end of his 'satire"

If you’re reading this right now, it’s safe to assume you already have the morals that prevent you from becoming physically violent against a woman, but for the man who has been raised by lions, I hope this list helps him understand the self-harm of committing such a horrible act. As long as you don’t confuse violent rape with the legal act of sleeping with a promiscuous girl that’s as intoxicated as you, you should be okay.

I don't think that the piece is funny, at all but her defense actually makes it sound even more insensitive. The writer of the original article should probably tell the blog writer to not defend him again.

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