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Abusive Army Major with ALERT cadets

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“It is a lie … I cannot believe it. I just don’t understand what happened to this world,†said Suzanne Chan of Somerset, who said she knew Carolyn Jackson well in 2009 and 2010 when they brought their children to a homeschooling co-op in Randolph. “This doesn’t make any sense because we (saw) them (the Jackson children) every single Tuesday. If kids are frightened it will show on their face, don’t you think so? They won’t hide their feelings.â€[/quote]

Unfortunately not if the parents are following the Pearls and others. Remember a joyful countenance is required at all times. They most certainly wouldn't be permitted to show fear, sadness or any emotion other than joy.

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YEP! And the kids have been taught that outsiders are the enemy.

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