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Ultimate Homemaking Book Bundle?


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Have you all seen the relentlessly promoted "Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle" ? It jumped out at me partly because it's all over fundie blogland, but I also noticed it because I was curious to see who was participating. It really makes me think about everything we've said about fundie-dom creeping toward the mainstream. Some of the authors on here are fundie-lite or even mainstream Christian. I've even read a couple of the more mainstream books (such as the Oxenreider) and found them helpful. However, Kelly, Visionary Womanhood and some of the real hardcore fundies are peddling their ideas in this bundle, too.

Here's a link:


Also, is it just me or are some of these books a little ridiculous? I'm counting a couple takeoffs on Flylady(which is free, btw), training your kid to be a fundie princess, Wise Woman's typo laden motherhood book & Etc..

Some of the more mainstream-sounding books look like they could be of interest, but they're mixed in with an awful lot of things that belong in "I Read It So You Don't Have To."

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I’m not good at math, but that’s looking like $570 off the retail price.

Wut. Subtract $30 from $600 is hard? Really?

Divvy that up, and it makes for some really affordable gift giving. (And by this, I mean printing an e-book on quality paper and having it nicely bound. Please be respectful of the authors’ copyrights, and only give one copy to one person on your gift list—you’re buying one copy of each e-book here.)

Doesn't that defeat the purpose of buying a ebook, so it won't be on paper? And who the frack does that anyway? Giving a copy of a book stapled together as a birthday gift is kinda the equivalent of giving me your free gift that came with your department store makeup purchase. It's cheap and in bad taste.

Probably all of that information is FREE at the author's blog. It's kinda of the same thing when the Pioneer Woman scammed her followers into purchasing her $40 cookbook only to find the SAME FRACKING recipes that she published on her website. I sound a bit bitter don't I? :cries while Pioneer Woman Cooks is collecting dust on the bookcase:

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