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Ron Paul curriculum taught by SOTDRT College Minus graduate!


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There's an exciting new curriculum for fundies! Ron Paul has put his name on a curriculum that appears to be created by a 20 year old College Minus graduate! He's fundie and a musician:


I googled the Ichthus Academy and it's basically an empty site stating that it's affiliated with Ron Paul curriculum.

Apparently, his family are the star faculty. His mother and father teach the younger grades and he teaches some classes for the higher grades. And he has a big ego. I love the FAQ's. He mentions himself in every one of them!

What is a self taught curriculum?

A purely self-taught curriculum would have no interaction. It would be a student sitting at a desk or carrel, reading printed materials.

The next step up would be a student with printed materials, but with a computer connected to the Web.

The third step up is the Ron Paul Curriculum: a student sitting at a desk or carrel with a computer connected to http://www.RonPaulCurriculum.com. Here, the student sees videos, reads a daily assignment onscreen, and clicks links to original sources. The print button is used daily.

If the student gets stuck, he figures out the answer on his own. If he cannot get unstuck after a half an hour, he posts a question on a course forum. Maybe he gets an answer. Maybe not.

Seriously, the response is that maybe they will get the answer, maybe not? If I don't know the answer, what did I learn?

Do My Children Have to Participate in WordPress and YouTube?

The advantage of WordPress as a learning tool is that it lets students post their essays in a public place.

Students want to look competent. When they post essays online, people can see how they are doing. They will take more care in their writing assignments.

That's always obvious on the blogs we snark about.

How Important Are SAT and ACT Scores?

SAT and ACT scores are for students and parents who don't know the score.

One of the faculty members of this site is Bradley Fish, Jr. He received his bachelor's degree in the month he turned 18.

The SAT is for students who have never received any college credit. The College Board, which produces the SAT, also produces CLEP exams. For about $90, a student who scores 50 or higher gets college credit. A student can quiz out of the first two years of college for under $2,000.

When a student enters as a sophomore or junior, the college pays no attention to the SAT or ACT score. The student has already shown that he or she can do college-level work.

The Ron Paul Curriculum is an academically rigorous program. Any student who takes an RPC course can probably pass a CLEP with a score of 70 or higher. Parents and students can begin to test this for $90 a course at the end of the freshman year. As soon as a student has passed three CLEPs, the SAT becomes irrelevant.

So, I suppose a different career path or grad school are out of the question?

State Regulations: Why the Ron Paul Curriculum Will Not Comply

Every parent must come to grips with the reality of state regulation. It is not the responsibility of the Ron Paul Curriculum to cooperate in any way with state agencies. The Ron Paul Curriculum is protected under First Amendment liberties. We have the freedom of the press to protect us. We can publish whatever we want.

Aannnddd the cray-cray comes out.

Accreditation: Should We Seek It from the State?

Sixth, children will be hampered in their careers without an accredited high school diploma. This is utter nonsense. It is possible to earn an accredited university degree, if that is what you want, from a state university or privately funded university, and never walk into a classroom. Bradley Fish, Jr., who is on the faculty of the Ron Paul Curriculum, earned his bachelor's degree in the same month that he turned 18. He used CLEP exams and other distance learning exams. He never had to pass the SAT. He never was asked about what he studied in high school. All he had to do was take CLEP exams, which he did all through high school. So, why does anyone need accreditation for a high school curriculum? There is no such need.

This is a frequent answer. It's all about him!

You Recommend Year-Round School, With Only Brief Vacations?

If the child takes a few CLEP exams, he will go into college at age 15 or 16. The word "goes" does not mean "depart." Not at age 16. It means "gets into a degree program." He stays at home. At age 17 or 18, the child has a bachelor's degree. It will cost about $15,000. It can be done. Bradley Fish, Jr. did it.

Again, it's all about him.

Read it and weep. This is how the next generation will be educated. I don't know how he got people like Ron Paul and Gary North to sign up for this. The best part--- the curriculum isn't even finished yet!

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The print button is used daily.

Explain to me how wasting paper improves the quality of education?

And I'm going to go with what I said in that thread about 12-year-olds going to college: the vast majority of 15-year-olds, regardless of the information they know, are not at a developmental level to thrive in a college environment.

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My daughter, who graduated from a public high school, took and passed several CLEP exams. She did get credit (although I think there was a limit to the credits permitted at her Uni. Also, she could not be awarded the credits until AFTER she was accepted. Her acceptance required taking both the SAT1 and SAT2 exams. She went to a fairly competitive private University, so maybe it varies by school.

I am confused by the fact that these people embrace mediocrity. They want to take over the world. You would think that they would promote excellence. The whole movement seems hell-bent on creating a generation that if empowered, will take us back to the dark ages. Why would anyone want that?

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I am confused by the fact that these people embrace mediocrity. They want to take over the world. You would think that they would promote excellence. The whole movement seems hell-bent on creating a generation that if empowered, will take us back to the dark ages. Why would anyone want that?

This is a lynchpin in why they will eventually become irrelevant. They are creating an un-sustainable system. Real education is necessary for empowerment.

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Ron Paul is a med school graduate, and also sent his son to med school. Both have gone far in their careers. But now he's saying traditional school isn't the way to go??

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