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Abigail Benjamin (Abigail's Alcove)

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Summary provided by: pixydust

Abigail's Alcove is the blog of Abigail Benjamin, who is more Catholic than the Pope! Some history of the Benjamin family: Abigail was raised as a mainly non-religious Methodist. She lived a seemingly normal life that included college and law school, marriage (to Jon) a law career, and her first pregnancy when she found Catholsism. She considers herself a Third Order Discalced Carmelite, as she describes is : "is a lay person who responds to an invitation from God to live a life of contemplative prayer in the modern world".

An important note to make: during Abigail's first pregnancy she found out that both she and Jon carry the gene for cystic fibrosis, a genetic disorder that causes many, many medical issues, the biggest being that the child struggles, horribly, for each and every breath. I say "child" because the average age that a person with CF reaches, in the US, is 18. Abigail's children have a 25% chance of having this fatal disorder, but yet she had four more children, believing that God will take care of them if they do have CF.

Abigail quit her law job, due to her opinion that day care is like "Ukrainian orphanages" (she even calls herself an orphan because her mother worked when she was a child and she was in day care and public school). doing this put the Benjamin family in a somewhat dire financial situation. Abigail claims poverty (she talks about it at least weekly), but she takes fencing lessons, rents a cello for $60 a month, and sends a child to swim camp in the summer. The Benjamins do do without....they have inadequate heating in their New England home, sometimes they do not have enough food, and recently Abigail blogged about the baby only having one pair of socks....but she also talks about spending $40 on junk food at one time, taking the kids to McDonalds (because her house was 59 degrees © & "too cold" to make her kids wait for her to cook dinner), buys "Jesus" tchochkes and wall hangings at Hobby Lobby, and spends $30 on a toy for a child with a scraped knee. Let me change that: Abigail doesn't "talk" about this, she brags about it! She is proud of her money mismanagement, she is proud of not providing for her children, and she has no plans to change any of it.

Oh, and don't ever suggest to Abigail that she should make sure that her children aren't running around places like the courthouse, restaurants or any business....that is persecution to real Catholics with large families and Mommy Mary! (that is Abigail's nickname for the Virgin Mary....)

Abigail pretty regularly throws out new crazy...things like she is engaged to Jesus, even though she is happily married to Jon.

Abigail's biggest problem seems to be that she is overwhelmed with trying to be the best, most spiritual person there is, and is someone who doesn't have to worry about the mundane things in life .....and not focusing on reality. A little bit of reality, and understanding that we all have to deal with bills and that taking good care of your children is the most important thing that she can do, would do a world of good for Abigail, and the entire Benjamin family!

blog: abigails-alcove.blogspot.com/

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