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Critics say Montana bill allows creationism in schools


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And Here I thought Christians had all kinds of ethics. Like not lying and such.

every time I think christian ethics I think hate judgment scamming dishonesty.

A lawmaker's proposal protecting "alternative viewpoints" during the teaching of evolution and science in schools came under fire Friday from opponents who argued it would pave the way for teaching of creationism.

Rep. Clayton Fiscus, R-Billings, said evolution isn't settled science and called it a "monumental leap" to believe it is true. His bill would allow teachers — if they want — to address perceived weaknesses in evolution studies in the classroom.

http://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-north ... _allo.html

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Alternative viewpoints? Yes, I can understand alternative viewpoints in discussions about religion, like comparing the Christian creation story to ones from other religions, and in discussions about moral issues....but there is no alternative viewpoint to evolution. It is a scientific fact and fundies had better learn to get used to it.

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The weirdest thing about this is the concept that you can 'teach' Creationism... I mean, there's really not much to say about it. All the attention required is 'an alternative theory posed by religious groups is that everything has been made by an all-powerful deity'. End of lesson.

I had a teacher once in high school who told me that evolution is a theory and creationism is a lack of a theory... that kind of stuck with me because, in practical application of the thing, it's true.

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Ugh. I love my homestate so much, but their politics suck so bad.

I remember in 10th grade biology, some girl (who I have always hated, and continue to hate) asked the teacher if he believed in evolution. I can't remember what he said, but she answered that it was OK if he came from a monkey, but she came from God. (yea, she was THAT obnoxious. Always has been, probably always will be.) It scares me that people like her are actually in politics.

Social conservatives were preparing to take another hot-button issue to the committee on Monday. They are seeking limits on local sex education curriculum, such as by requiring parental consent to opt into sex education classes.

It would also ban any organization that provides abortion services from assisting with sex education in schools.

Um, bad idea for so many reasons. Our sex ed in high school and middle school sucked enough as it was. Any changes will ensure that not one student has any correct information about sex/reproduction/birth control. While I was in high school, no less than 8 girls were pregnant (which for how small my school was, that's a lot!) And of course those are just the ones that I know about. I'm sure that there was probably some others who got abortions or miscarried.

On the upside, the current governor is a Democrat, so if any of this makes it to his desk, he'll probably veto it.

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