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Perfect song for the Duggar daughters


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I listened to this song this morning and was shockecd I thought of the Duggar girls


Is There Life Out There (Sung by Reba)


She married when she was twenty

She thought she was ready

Now she's not so sure

She thought she'd done some living

But now she's just wonderin'

What she's living for

Now she's feeling that there's something more



Is there life out there

So much she hasn't done

Is there life beyond

Her family and her home

She's done what she should

Should she do what she dares

She doesn't want to leave

She's just wonderin

Is there life out there


She's always lived for tomorrow

She's never learned how

To live for today

She's dyin' to try something foolish

Do something crazy

Or just get away

Oh, Something for herself for a change


Repeat Chorus


There's a place in the sun that she's never been

Where life is fair and time is a friend

Would she do it the same as she did back then

oh, She looks out the window and she wonders again

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Why is this song haunting me? I must have seen it quoted five times in the last two days. Which has done nothing but make it stick in my head. I've been singing it all day and bam! here it is again.

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From the off Broadway Musical Children of Eden:



It sounds full of wind and mist, doesn't it

It means other things exist, doesn't it

Beyond, beyond

It says Adam leave your list, doesn't it

Father why does my head feel this joy and this dread since the moment I said


I've got an itching on the tips of my fingers

I've got a boiling in the back of my brain

I've got a hunger burning inside me, can not be denied

I've got feeling that the Father who made us

When he was kindling a pulse in my veins

He left a tiny spark of that fire, smoldering inside

The spark of creation, is flickering within me

The spark of creation,is blazing in my blood

A bit of the fire that lit up the stars

And breathed life into the mud, the first inspiration

The spark of creation

I see a mountain and I want to climb it

I see a river and I want to leave shore

Where there was nothing let there be something, something made by me

There's things waiting for me to invent them

There's worlds waiting for me to explore

I am an echo of the eternal cry of

Let there be!

The spark of creation, is burning bright within me

The spark of creation, won't let me rest at all

Until I discover or build or uncover

A thing that I can call, my celebration

Of the spark of creation

The spark of creation, may it burn forever

The spark creation, I am a keeper of the flame

We think all we want is a lifetime of leisure

Each perfect day the same

Endless vacation

Well that's alright if you're a kind crustacean

But when you're born with an imagination

Sooner or later you're feeling the fire get higher and higher

The spark of creation!!!

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