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Oral Roberts' gay grandson


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Hi everyone. My first post. Be kind or NOT...LOL...

To be frank..I was raised fundie (NOT Quiverfull) but I have ALOT of problems with the whole thing. ALOT. I used to read alot at the Walk Away From Fundamentalism forum. I did watch the Duggars when I had cable and I have downloaded episodes from ITunes and I am currently reading "A Love that Multiples". I find them utterly and horribly fascinating.

I also read Stacy McDonald's blog and she is horrible. I wrote to her once a few years back asking her about my personal situation regarding having been diagnosed with schizophrenia and having parents who refused (and still refuse) to accept it. They have literally contributed to making my life a living hell. Her answer was a bunch of scriptures and she made sure to bold the biblical command to honor one's parents. I'm sure I probably still have the email if anyone wants to see it...

Anyway I will write more about all of that later..on to the subject of this post!

I didn't know that Oral Roberts had a gay son and grandson....


The one thing that can be counted on is that no matter how conservative or religious fundamentalist one might be, sooner or later your family will produce someone in the family who happens to be gay just like every other American family. It's the law of averages and it will eventually happen.

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Thanks for sharing this. This is so interesting to me. I grew up in Tulsa and went to high school with the daughter of Oral's son, Ron, who killed himself. He was struggling with addiction, and was also gay, if I recall correctly.

Rachel (the granddaughter) used to tell such awful stories about her dad's parents. Not surprisingly, Oral only celebrated his two kids that did not leave the fold.

Wow, this was my first post - it took a story about my hometown to bring me out of lurkdom! :lol:

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Welcome, mugglemin! I would be interested in Stacy's e-mail if you wish to share.

Oral Roberts' organization impoverished a friend's widowed mother. When the woman's children beseeched Oral for mercy & a refund, Oral's org wrote the mother to advise her that her children were in league with the devil.

I thus have special compassion for Oral's children who suffered their father's lack of love.

OP, I hope your condition is being properly treated!! There is hope with good meds and caring folks to guide you. I hope too that you haven't let your experience sour you on Jesusz. But however you stand now, you are welcome here!

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