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I Am Second vs. JOY (Huckabee involved)


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I've seen some people wearing these shirts around campus and thought I'd see what all of you thought. It cracks me up in the context of all the Duggars' talk of JOY. How'd we go from third to second? I'm sure the fundies are horrified.

Anyway the website features videos from various celebrities and sports stars and even one from our fave, Mike Huckabee. I haven't watched any (I'm currently in a very weird place with Christian culture so honestly I don't want to) but they seem dramatic and as a whole it seems worthy of discussion here.

Now for links:

The campaign's official page: http://www.iamsecond.com

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Am_Second

A Christian's Criticism of it: http://www.justchristians.com/study/art ... -campaign/

An Atheist's Take: http://www.atheist-community.org/boards ... b=8&t=2491

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Guest Anonymous

Never heard of it, but enjoyed reading about it. :P

Loved the atheist board comment:

I called the 800 number a few times, politely posing as a confused but curious young person, and was amazed at the ineptitude of the folks who answered. They were all unable to respond intelligently to even the most rudimentary of questions or objections to their faith. Half the time, I just got a recorded message by some old white guy who sounded like a Baptist preacher. Another time I got an old German Catholic priest yelling at me "It says here you called before! You're an AGNOSTIC! If you don't change your ways you're going DOWN!". Classy.
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