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At Long Last: Sumter County Does identified


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On August 9 1976, the bodies of two murder victims -a man and a woman were found near I-95 in Sumter County, SC.  There was no ID on either body and they did not appear to be local.  One man said that he'd met them at a campground and thought the man might be Canadian.  The man, at least, appeared to have come from an affluent background.  The pair had apparently traveled fairly widely in the US.  They had both been shot.  

Their bodies were held at the funeral home in airtight coffins with transparent lids  till they had to be buried.  The coroner of Sumter County kept working the case till she retired in 2008.  Even though descriptions of the victims, their dental information, sketches and so forth were widely circulated, the only one to come forward was a mom from Savannah whose daughter was missing.  The young woman was not her daughter.  

The bodies were exhumed to extract DNA on 2007 and the Doe DNA Project tested the extracted DNA in July 2019.  On January 19 of this year, they announced that the bodies had been identified, but did not release the names.  On the 21st, however, it was revealed that the man was James Paul Freund from Fitchburg, Massachusetts and the woman Pamela Mae Buckley of Redwood County, Minnesota.

Sumter County Does:   No Longer Jock and Jane Doe


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