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Lawyer: Michigan State hampered probe of its Nassar dealings


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Independent Special Counsel Bill Forsyth released a report on the cluster fornicate that is MSU and their handling of the Nassar case;


A 16-page report was released prior to the update Forsyth said it was "not an in-depth report, just a synopsis, not final report." (The report is attached to this story.)

He started out by thanking his staff. Then he mentioned that his team has already charged William Strampel, Kathy Klages, and former MSU President, Lou Ann K. Simon. He could not discuss their cases because those are active court cases.

However, Independent Special Counsel received multiple documents from MSU including their bed bug policy and what to do if you lose your password to your computer. These were documents they did not ask for. In multiple documents sent over, they were significantly redacted.

"MSU stonewalled the very investigation it pledged to support," was in bold in the report.

The report is here for anyone interested

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