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Emotional after general anaesthetic?

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I hope this is the right place to post. 

I had a GA a bit less than 48 hours ago and I’m an absolute emotional wreck. Usually I tolerate GA really well. Not this time. I’ve had constant head spins and dizziness up until this morning and now that my head isn’t trying to tip me over, I’m a sobbing mess. 

Any correlation?

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Coconut Flan

Anesthesia and surgery can mess with you in any number of ways.  I was a physical and emotional wreck after my last surgery.  Don't be surprised if you get post-surgical depression in the month or two afterward either.  They can use different medications than have been used before and so you can have different results.  Be kind to yourself and good luck riding it out.

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Thanks for that input - now that I know it can happen I won’t be too hard on myself. And thanks for the heads up re long lasting side effects.

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Aurora rising

Happened to me and a few other people I know as well.

Take care of yourself and spoil yourself.

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Coming back to say that I really appreciate the heads up about post surgical depression. This sucks but at least I know what’s going on. 

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My GA experience  wasn't too bad when I had VSG last year.  The bloating was the worst part, more than any after effects of the GA or other physical pain.

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And of course you all know what my first thoughts were after coming up from general following the meniscus repair last month.  Thoughts I was fully prepared to share if someone asked me if I knew who the President was.

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