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  2. Turns out I got Julie and Nicki! They need a scrub and Nicki’s hair is a bit rough on the ends, but they are in very good condition for used played-with dolls!
  3. I know it's been FOREVER since anyone posted here, but I figured I'd necropost this thread because... I have TWO American Girl dolls on the way! This past weekend I got to hang out with my friends again finally, and we masked up and went to the American Girl store. I was good and did NOT buy anything, but everyone else did, including two of them buying dolls. I kept saying "I really want one, but I don't $110 want one right now..." Then I went on shopgoodwill.com and there are tons there. So for just over $80 shipped I have Julie and one other I can't ID yet on the way to me, plus some clothing that comes with them. It includes Julie's outfit with the flared two-tone jeans and peasant top! I really like Julie as-is, I think. The other one I couldn't get a good enough look at but she seems cute. Unless she's stunning in person (or somebody rare, which is unlikely) I'm thinking I might try customizing her. I'm looking forward to having them around to dress and display, since the resin dolls are kept away from light behind curtains.
  4. I’m not a doll collector, but I have an our generation doll for sewing purposes - friend’s daughter, has one so I check sizes and fit on mine before sending clothes for the doll (with matching outfits for the person). My Pinterest is creaking at the seams because I’ve pinned so much stuff for 18” dolls!
  5. Alisamer


    This is Fitch and Ruth, two members of my pirate crew, enjoying a visit to a garden. Fitch is a Dollzone Xi-Aliester, Ruth is a Minifee Scar Shiwoo on an older Souldoll body.
  6. Alisamer

    Alisamer's BJDs

    Just a place to share photos of my BJDs.
  7. My daughters have them, and I live vicariously through them and buy all the things. Thankfully, my husband doesn't complain.
  8. That Airstream is AMAZING. I love it so much. If I only had the room... Also, Nanea's shave ice stand is adorable.
  9. I love your doll's names! I don't have any AG dolls, but I have some of their STUFF. If I had unlimited money I'd have every piece of furniture and accessory in the store. I was just really enjoying the Airstream camper, and especially it's outdoor cooking accessories. Some of my doll-collecting friends do have AG dolls, and so we go to the American Girl store a couple times a year. I especially want the typewriter, right now. I think my 1/3 scale archaeologist/author needs it for his desk. Which I also need. So many projects, so little time.
  10. Anyone besides me and @HeadshipRegent have AGs? As I said over in the JRod thread, I have a gang of *ticks on fingers* 21. I think. Yeah, it's 21. In order of appearance in the house: Marisol "Mari" Campbell (Marisol Luna, Girl of the Year 2005) Elyse Joubert (Truly Me #49) Eden Duarté (Adora Friends Wicked Witch of the West) Gracie Mae Edwards (Marie-Grace Gardner turned modern with a hair-straighten and pincurlectomy) Zoë Williams (My Twinn Adopt-a-Friend who has had an eyeswap and new wig) Kanani Akina (Kanani Akina, Girl of the Year 2011) Caroline Abbott (Caroline Abbott turned modern by straightening the ringlet curls of doom) Quinn Delaney (My Twinn Adopt-a-Friend with a hilarious misaligned eyebrow that makes her look like she has resting bitch face) Maryellen Larkin (Maryellen Larkin, has stayed historical) Abeni Odom (Truly Me #47) Siobhán Luna (Truly Me #46) Imogen Brady (Maplelea Taryn) Addy Walker (Addy Walker, has stayed historical) Lea Álvarez (Lea Clark, Girl of the Year 2016) Tamaya Qupac (Our Generation Tamaya) Rebecca Sevier (Saige Copeland, Girl of the Year 2013) Sonali Matthews (Best friend to Chrissa Maxwell, Girl of the Year 2009, and released as part of her collection) Willemina Vogel (Maplelea Brianne) Nanea Mitchell (Nanea Mitchell, has stayed mostly historical) Cai Forsyth (Truly Me #4 with Samantha's wig... this is going to change) Vada Morales (Grace Thomas, Girl of the Year 2015) As for girls I want? I still have a freakin' list, even if I don't have the room. American Girl-wise, I want this year's Girl of the Year, Luciana Vega (and she ALMOST came home from Seattle with me, let me tell you internets), I want Kaya'anton'my, and my last truly GRAIL doll I want is Cecile Rey. (I kinda have a deep love of the Sonali facemold). If I ever get caught up financially, I have a plan to make a Create Your Own doll in a dark-skinned Addy mold with a red pixie cut and blue eyes. Other brand wise, Our Generation put out this GORGEOUS new Beekeeper doll and I fell in love the moment I saw her picture. Here. Gawk in awe. Those freckles!!! Irregardless of space, she's coming home the moment I find her. I also want Maplelea's Saila, cause she's stunning.
  11. Thank you! I love them so much. Also, Benny. LOVE. Mine is in the Light Brown resin color. I have to say, the majority of my dolls are secondhand, and the ones I have bought new (like the Benny) were bought when there was a special event - I think Iplehouse had a 5% off code and also were doing all colors except ebony (which is what I wanted) at the same price as NS. My Benny is named Eliza and is loosely inspired by Bessie Coleman. I don't have a Pullip, yet, but I keep looking. I barely resisted when I found the Peter Pan one at Tuesday Morning last winter! I do have a Hestia Doll (Pullip body, smaller head), which I like.
  12. I love your collection! Oh MAN, I want a BJD so bad. It will never happen unless I sell pretty much the entirety of my gang of AGs, but I always look and love. A few I've pined for over the years are Iplehouse Limited JID Benny - I mean, come on, just LOOK at her. Iplehouse Special Edition JID Asa - Again, guhhhhh. Smart Doll Harmony - Danny Choo is Jimmy Choo's son, and Jimmy designs the doll's shoes!, and she just looks fun! Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint Pullip Sepia Classical Alice Pullip Mad Hatter in Steampunk World Pullip Another Alice - BLACK ALICE IN WONDERLAND Pullip Wonder Festival Batgirl (I... really like Pullips )
  13. Anyone else collect Ball Jointed Dolls? I've been in the hobby since late 2008... I initially thought I'd never be able to afford even one, but I rolled some change and saved a bit, and my first arrived Dec. 15, 2008. Then they began multiplying. I now have... 39? How did that happen? The current population includes The Airship Crew: Crow - Dolkot Day Riddick - Dollzone Mo Finn - Minifee Shushu Kale - Minifee Elf Shiwoo Asher - Littlefee Elf Shiwoo Talyn - Minifee El Eliza - Iplehouse Benny Baron - Lati Rucas Ed - Ringdoll Valo Sprocket - Puki Puki Pipi their City Staff: Dacey - Withdoll Taren Marnie - Minifee Woosoo (modified) Cecily - Souldoll Amy Sabrina - Hujoo Sara Mystical Creatures: Alexander - Soom Grit Sapphira - Resinsoul Ni Nobody - Doll Chateau Carol the Professors and their Associates: Devon - Delf Yder Ciaran - Delf El Brandon - Dream of Doll Ducan Gideon - Dream of Doll Kalix Nova - Delf Nanuri 07 Rowan - Delf Shiwoo and Minifee Shiwoo Stella - Hujoo Io Murphy - Dollshe Bernard the Pirates: Samuel - Dollmore Pado Fitch - Dollzone Xi-Aliester Ruth - Minifee Scar Shiwoo Jack - Minifee Scar Breakaway Riley - Luts Bory Justice - Doll in Mind Ace Kestrel - Minifee Seorin Clara - Doll Chateau Elizabeth the Elves: Jester - Minifee Karsh Rex - Minifee Yder March - Resinsoul Song Marley - Withdoll Juwel Noelle - Minifee Juri 14 (elf Soony) Several of those are hybrids, I just noted the head sculpt above. And I have two more heads without bodies that may eventually get added to the crew! I need to paint Murphy, Justice and Nobody so I can take a group photo. It'll have to be outside and I'll need to recruit my sister to help, I think. I haven't done any real photo shoots in ages, so that's one of my goals for the summer They live on shelves, behind curtains. This was a couple years ago, they are more crowded now!

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