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Goodnight and Goodluck


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Rent it.  Watch it.  Read about it.  Edward R. Murrow takes on Joe McCarthy.  So fucking timely, all you have to do is just replace communist with Muslim and McCarthy with orange shit stain.

Watched last night with Mr. OneKid.  He hadn't seen the movie, but apparently he had the Senate hearings memorized because he was saying the lines along with the film.

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7 minutes ago, PraiseDog said:

I looked for this on Netflix, in vain. Does Amazon Prime have it, do you know?

I got it from Netflix not too long ago, maybe last year?


I think it might have been the issue of the spaces between the words?

Also, this is for dvd netflix, not sure whether streaming has all the same choices.

I agree it's a good one, but then again, I'm crazy for David Strathairn in anything.

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