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Brazilian Fundie Family living in FL


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I was around youtube, binge watching stuff to pass up time when I came across a video from a brazilian tv show where a local celebrity visits a family with nine kids (The Seidel Family; parents are Clodyne and Jim).  I was kind of curious and clicked it and yup, they were fundies! I'm brazilian as well and had never seen a fundie that was more Duggar-like (our Evangelicals are different, at least in country, I have never seen quiverfull around here), the video is pretty long (one hour), but here's a recap:


  • Mom's first comment to the show's host was about her outfit (She was wearing heels and a defrauding dress; she's also known for not being exactly modest)
  • She came from São Paulo to Florida at 17
  • Girls are skirts only; the entire family is barefoot
  • The girls (eldest is 12) are already sister moms and holding babies, one of which is two months old and the other looks about 18 months.
  • Mom and dad have a ridiculously large room and the five girls have to share a small one, because of course they do
  • Two bathroom babies!
  • They, of course, have a SOTDRT. Mom says "here in the United States it's a very common system to teach children with homeschooling"
  • Interesting, she didn't teach portuguese to any of the kids
  • The family does house renovations by themselves. JB's apprentices? Again, the eldest is thirteen. How are fundie kids in one piece?
  • Host is surprised because the family is so self sufficient
  • They have an RV and travel around the country in it
  • They've been together for 15 years, married for 14 and have 9 kids.
  • Name of the kids: Michelly (12), Christian (11), Rebecca (9), Nicholas (8), Rachel (5), John Louis (4), Selah (3), Genesis (14 months old) and Olivia (two weeks old). Holy shit. 
  • They're playing football (I can't call it soccer lmao), host is wearing shorts and there's only one other girl playing and of course, she's wearing a skirt.
  • Dad TH: "After we met her [Sabrina Sato, the host], it was clear she was part of our family, we hope to keep her busy by doing things she's maybe never done before. We have some things planned out and hope she enjoys staying here we our family"
  • Shot of the mom and the nine year old observing. Nine year old girl is holding the two week old baby while mom is hands free. Of course.
  • Mom TH: "My only worry is that she gets too overwhelmed, without knowing what to do and that she gives up"
  • They got pizza
  • Mom TH: "Here in America, everything's is very punctual. If you say three o'clock, people will get there at 3." Husband is a tad annoyed at Sabrina for running late.
  • The eldest is helping Sabrina learn english as she doesn't speak it
  • Family is singing Amazing Grace as they arrive at Papa Murphy's. Also it's a Friday.
  • Mom had to stay at home to breastfeed the baby (?) and admits to being controlling
  • Sister Mom #1 is holding one of the kids
  • They got the pizzas and now are heading home.
  • Girls are the ones cooking the pizza, because it's a wiminz job or something
  • Sabrina says she's impressed at how organized their house is with nine kids. Mom says everyone helps out but so far I've only seen the girls doing stuff.
  • Sabrina TH: "I almost thought of giving and calling Brazil to end this report, I was afraid of us being so different and not matching". She also says she's tired and took a 10 min nap.
  • Sabrina TH: Says they're wonderful, fun children despite their education being rigid.
  • Dad asks if Sabrina has met Neymar and she says yes. 
  • Mom says people stop and ask her about the kids and "are they all yours?". She says it's more common in the US to have larger families than it is in Brazil (she also apparently has never been to the countryside of Northeastern Brazil)
  • They show family pictures of them in matching outfits, very Duggar circa 2003. The mom says all of them were natural births and the last four children were homebirths.
  • Sabrina asks why she chose to have children at home. "To avoid all the medications, inductions, to be more natural". She also says it doesn't hurt as much and it's faster than a hospital birth. Michelly (12) and Rebecca (9) saw three of her labors and Rachel (5) saw the last one. One of the kids also cut the umbilical cord.
  • Sabrina is putting Genesis (14 month old girl) in her crib
  • They don't have a mattress/extra bed so Sabrina has to share a twin bed with one of the girls, Rachel, and the little girl was very happy. 
  • Girls have  a pillow fight and mom is not happy because it's past 9pm and it's making noise and interrupting her time with her husband
  • Sabrina says it's okay and it's fun to break the rules one in a while
  • They're going grocery shopping and the mom is pissed Sabrina is 10 minutes late because she was fixing her makeup.
  • Dad TH: "Here in the United States, you have to be on time. If it says 10am, that means it's 10am or maybe 9:45am. For example, we were supposed to be at the store at 10am and at 9:30 am, Sabrina was still was asleep."
  • They're having a BBQ and some family friends are coming over, according to the kids.
  • Mom just hands Sabrina the shopping list in ENGLISH although she doesn't speak a word of it (also her tone of voice was very very bitchy). 
  • Sabrina says she doesn't get the point of taking all nine kids shopping at once; one of the kids gets lost
  • Genesis gets a piece of chocolate out of Sabrina's hand and eats it. Sabrina informs the mom who in the same tone as before replies "well, she's not going to have lunch now..."
  • Husband is MIA, by the way, and the twelve year old is responsible for the baby.
  • The nine year old girl is carrying the 14 month baby.
  • Sabrina TH: "This is the most different family I've ever seen in my life and that I've ever witnessed, in all aspects. To start off, with my clothes - here the girls wear long skirts"
  • Dad TH: "In our family, we are modest in the way we dress, like many of our friends. We practice modesty. Sabrina was so full of energy that her dress could, you know... (he was dying to say defraud lmao), come up or she had to fix it... Maybe she should dress in a more modest way"
  • They unload the car and have to do the dishes.
  • Sabrina asks who's the family in the fridge (dressed in a Maxwellian way, I might add), and the mom replies "They're coming over, you're gonna meet them". Also a large family
  • They show pictures of other families who are coming over, all of them have "three hundred kids" as Sabrina put it, lmao (and are very fundie). There are four families coming over
  • (Did a quick Google search and dumbass mom is a Trump suppoter. YOU'RE LATINA AND AN IMMIGRANT, stupid. She is also against PP and an overall idiot. Ashamed to have the same nationality as her).
  • The four families that are coming over have SIXTY ONE people altogether. W o w. Sabrina is shook and asks in a th "are they people of rabbits?" (lmao). She's also washing the dishes for them. She asks for help and the dad stands there and laughs while drinking what I assume is coffee.
  • The boys are playing football and ask Sabrina to participate. The girls did all the organizing of the stuff they got at the store. Only the boys are playing.
  • Dad complains Sabrina left to play and left some dirty dishes. But apparently can't be fucked to do them himself? Or ask his eleven year old son to help out? lol
  • Dad TH: "It's very nice to have Sabrina here, but there's one thing we teach our family: Obedience. We have to obey the first time we're called. That means doing everything when you're asked, completing it and always happy".(You think they're Pearl fans?). 
  • HOLY SHIT, he said they need to "train Sabrina [to obey the chores] like they do their children". Sabrina is a grown ass 34 year old woman. He's still bitching and asking her to do the dishes, even though is very capable of doing them himself or asking his 11 year old to do it.
  • Sabrina TH, she says she's not a fan of that.
  • Interview: Sabrina and the mom, Clo. Clo is 35.
  • Sabrina asks if she ever thought her life would be the way it is, she says no. Mom, in her own words: "I've always wanted to be a mom, to be at home and have no career. But I've never imagined nine kids". 
  • Sabrina: "Do you ever have me time?" Clo: "Yes because I have a wonderful husband and when I want to do my nails he stays with the children or if I want to go out with my girl friends, he stays with the kids. So yes, there's time"
  • Sabrina: "And to make children you also have time *laughs" Clo: *laughs* "Yes, there's three hours between their bedtime and ours.. *more uncomfortable laughter*"
  • Clo: "We're leaving it up to God"
  • Interview is over
  • SOTDRT time! The nine year old is apparently two years advanced (in grade 7). I also spy a bible, because you can't have school without it I guess.  They have 3-4 hours of school a day and only take one test at the end of the year. 
  • Sabrina is impressed as homeschooling is not legal/known/a thing in Brazil. She's impressed as to how Clo does it all (cough sister moms cough)
  • They are self taught. They don't have science but have Bible, Devotion and Catechism and Memory.
  • A bus arrived with one of their family friends; one of their family friends' daughter already as a kid on her lap. Dad explains to the parents about Sabrina being there to know about their family.
  • The family: Jenny (mom), Jesse (dad) and their eight children are introduced. 
  • Sabrina TH: "I'm having a lot of fun here but I'm gonna be honest, I'm not sure I manage to do everything they want me to do (the BBQ)". She's also concerned if the kids think she's weird
  • Two other families arrive! One of them is doing the "everyone in matching polos" thing. She asks how many kids one of the families has, they say six. Sabrina says she just wants one and there's a small, judgy silence. The other family has ten children and one on the way.
  • The last family arrives, they are wearing lilac. Sabrina comments how that's the funniest/most bizarre thing she's ever seen. The dad is Patrick and the mom is Anna. They have seven children.
  • Mom TH: says the kids loved Sabrina and felt very free with her.
  • Girls are responsible for making a cake.
  • Sabrina is speaking but can hear the families singing Amazing Grace in the  background. "I grew up with my parents giving me a lot of freedom. My family is very different from this one, but also very alike because we are also very close. However, they have a discipline that I didn't have. My mom was never one to be strict with a schedule and there's a lot of rules and discipline I wasn't raised with" I wonder what she means by that. "But that's what makes them so unique and how the manage the family"
  • Michelly (eldest daughter) got Sabrina a gift! How sweet of her! :D It's a bag, I think she made it. Pretty cool!
  • Parents thank her for coming and she jokes, saying she should start having kids right away so she can join them.
  • She recaps the episode and has a surprise for the family - it's a special message from Kaká and Neymar for the family, since they all love football!
  • Sabrina thanks the family and says a few special word to them as she leaves and gives a little gift for each kid.

And that's it, folks! I thought you guys might be interested in this like I was. I had never seen a fundie family that had brazilians before. Here's their youtube channel, if anyone's curious: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeCoL16T2gHZMKlLERo9v4w Sorry this was extensive but the video was one hour long haha.

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I really liked the host, she seemed really lively and fun. The husband seemed like such an a-hole (no surprise there). I would have liked to hear more from the kids, but I doubt either parent would allow that. I always wonder what drives some of these women to become fundie, it seems like the mom wasn't really into all that until she got married.

Also, I never realized Florida was such a hotbed for fundies, although it's not that surprising when I really think about it

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Ohhh how interesting. There are a ton of fundies in rural North-Central Florida. I think the Kellers are from around Gainesville, and these folks look to be around Ocala. My husband has family friends in the area. For their retirement they bought a double-wide trailer on a huge plot of wooded land for something like $35,000. They tell me they see big families with the long skirts at Walmart all the time. Florida is not bad in terms of job market and has no income tax, so i could see the draw for these mega-families. 

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They are self taught. They don't have science but have Bible, Devotion and Catechism and Memory.

So, Bible, Bible, Bible, and Bible (probably Bible Bee).

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