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Fairy hair clip


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SO, I have a first grader in my house who is very into fairies right now, and her favorite is Tinkerbell's sister, Periwinkle (If you had no idea Tinkerbell had a sister, consider yourself very lucky.  If you want to learn more about Periwinkle, find a girl between ages of 4 and 10 and ask her about 'Secret of the Wings' :evil-laugh:)  (realistically, I shouldn't complain; we are leaps and bounds better than a few things she's been into.  It's not Monster High.)

I could find tutorials for how to do ribbon  thingies of Tinkerbell, but none for Periwinkle, so I had to adapt and tweak a lot, but I"m fairly happy for a few ribbons and a lot of hot glue and a TON of swearing And a few singed fingers.  I will be really annoyed if she looses this the first time she wears it in her hair... 

 (The Mr. said I "Oh, so you had to change color?".  No, different hair, different outfit, different...everything.  Because first graders all all Fangirl cosplayers at heart and they will notice)

ribbon periwinkle.jpg

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