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The Shower Curtain Incident

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I am so disappointed. 

I found the PERFECT gift for my adult daughter, who LOVES elephants.  I found a shower curtain that is adorable, and colorful, and it was free shipping... and it was so amazing (in the pic) that I bought one for me, too!

It took SIX WEEKS to arrive.

I opened the package - SO excited - and the graphics on this were BLURRY, and the background was green, not the nice dark background in the pic.  It is just.... oh boy.  I screwed up.

She knows I was excited about her gift, now I have to be able to laugh about it with her, and hope she can still find a use for it.

Here is a pic of what I thought I was getting, and then the one that arrived.... Mine is the green bathroom on top.



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Season of life...

Oh, I hate it when that happens--I'm sorry it disappointed you. I always hold my breath when I open boxes from online purchases since I have been let down so often. 

Cold comfort from an internet stranger, but I think the shower curtain, from what I can see in your photo, looks stunning! 

I can see why you couldn't resist getting one for yourself, but then I have always had a special place in my heart for elephants.

I up voted to show support, not because I liked you being disappointed. That is probably obvious, but I worry about silly things! :pb_smile:

Edited by Season of life...
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It looks tied-dyed in the room.  My husband saw it and said WTH is that, a spider?

I have to laugh.  She can either love it or give it away.... at least she knows I was thinking of her on her birthday!


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