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Thwarted by the weather


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We had a huge storm come through on Tuesday night, plus another one possible tonight. when I bough my house, there were five apple trees planted by the previous owner. Three are next to the house. Two of those were never pruned properly, so are in terrible shape, and the remaining one is badly placed and doesn't bare much fruit. I counted. There are five apples on it. So I was thinking of removing all three, and leaving the other two that are by the outside fence. Well, after the earlier storm, one of those is listing about 10 degrees to the side, due to the winds and heavy rains loosening the dirt around the roots.

Now I have to decide if the listing tree can be saved, if I should keep one of the trees next to the house for corss-pollinating, or if I should just remove all 5. 

Storm also trashed my tomatoes and parsley, though my raspberries and basil are doing fine

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