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Oh darn: LOL-ing pictures


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I remember reading in one of our many LOLThreads some very detailed instructions on how to LOL pictures, specifically what site is actually good for adding the text, and after about 25 minutes of searching I STILL cannot find it!!! I have finally thought up a good idea for an avatar but it will need some fiidling with. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I would also like to apologize if this in the wrong forum. If it is, please move it and I am sorry!

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If you are using a Mac, the program Preview is a really easy way to make them.

Find a photo you want to use, and capture a screen shot with it. (Command 4)

In preview, use the Open command to open that file.

Under Tools, click "annotate", and add the text you want.

Change the font (under tools, "show fonts") to Impact for a standard LOLCatz font.

Et puis, voilà!

Do another screen shot of your new, improved photo and upload it to tinypic.com for free hosting. Copy the "paste into message board" instructions, paste that here, and there you go.

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