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Mennonite rapes


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I searched through our archives here but couldn't find reference so I will post news story:

Mennonite Rapes: In Bolivia, a Trial Tears Apart a Religious Community

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/ ... z1VKAEKy2J

Large mennonite colony in Bolivia undergoing scrutiny because apparently one of their menfolk (a veterinarian) developed a great way to rape women "without psychological damage." Perhaps this is a good reason NOT to educate the fundies....

(Edited because I can't spell....)

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The near complete silence surrounding sexual issues in those communities I'm sure helps hide this stuff. I actually have some literature from an Old Order Amish bishop who was very concerned as he became aware of incidents of rape and molestation, urging parents to inform their children about what constitutes inappropriate touch and behavior, and having open conversation with their children so that they feel free to tell if something happens. But even the booklets are kind of hush-hush and underground, not talked about.

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