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Yes dipshits, Chinese people do in fact protest regularly against the government, it's just quashed immediately and fails to make CNN

Fucking sinophobia. Almost makes me more sympathetic towards Russian Americans and the Russophobia in the west they have to put up with.

http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/25/world/asi ... -families/

Yes, I do think this situation was handled less than competently. Though the blame definitely isn't just on malaysia.

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The best is to get this Jack guy and all the grieving drama queens not to mention ungrateful chinese sitting comfortable in a hotel on planes and boats to join together the seach and rescues volunteers which have no blood relation to those on board to see up close and personal how daunting is it to search in a vast ocean. As for Jack stop shouting ask him to sit a dingy and go search his sister. Ungrateful chinese. Use all that energy shouting and go join the search. Pass this msg to those obtuse arrogant chinese. There are also other nationality on board with family. Everyone lost love ones on board.[\quote]

Actually, if you read mandarin news, there's a LOT of gratitude towards the searchers. But of course that would knock your prejudices towards mainland Chinese right? Those evil Chinese exploiting the poor 'third world' Malaysians. Reminds me of anti Russian sentiment.

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chinese are really selfish people...in the name of family grief they are trying to sell their dead relatives and exploit poor developing malaysian...initially i had so much sympathy but now once i heard they r doing protest to gain much benifit i feel

they r the worst creature i ever seen in the planet...

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