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"Cross-Gender Makeup Day" but "No Worries!"


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Not sure how many of you remember—or ever even knew about-- the R. Family Farm. Josh is the 20-year-old eldest son from that family and still helps at the farm a lot, but wants to be an actor and dancer in musicals. I lost track of him for quite a while because he stopped writing on his blog, but I finally found him again on Facebook.

Josh posts "Cross-gender makeup day" with pics of himself werkin' it. When a commenter indignantly replies, "Not sure why??" Momma R. hastens to tell her, "Mrs. G... He's learning different make-up techniques in his theatre class... :) No worries!"


R. Family Farm FB page:


Mr. R.'s page, on which there is not one photo of his eldest son, though he's proud as punch when Josh's twin sister is on the cover of a "magazine for ladies" for being a "feminine farm girl." (That's what her blog is called)


(Take a look at the "Likes" on these three FB pages. Interesting.)

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