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Alabama may legalize marijuana


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My SO's sister sent us this link:


(not breaking the link, public FB page

It it would authorize the use of medical marijuana. I thought this was DOA here in Alabama. Knowing that a family had to leave the state to get medical care for their child that she could have gotten locally can really pull on someone's heartstrings. The bill is sponsored by Sate Rep. Mike Ball of Madison, who is a former cop. Madison and Huntsville are little pockets of liberalism in one of the most conservative states.

This is a step in the right direction for legalized marijuana, and I'm all for it. Legalize it, tax it, and bring more revenue to a poor state.

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Good. It's about time. Marijuana is given a bad name by not just relgious zelaots but law enforcement wants to make money.It ha sless side-effects than many prescription drugs and alcohol. Doesn't everything related to treatment and medicine have a side-effect?

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