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Child Street Preacher


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I found this on the Pissing Preacher's facebook page. Fundies, if you want to preach the world of God to the heathens, do it yourself, don't have you kids do the dirty work. Drop the kids off at the pool on your way to soul winning.


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Sooo many reasons this doesnt work:

1 - He's "preaching" to people in cars. They are driving by with their windows up at 30 mph. They cant hear a word he's saying

2- He's yelling. As these wonderful parents know, yelling at children does not work. You must get on their level and speak in a hush voice... They'd be much better off annoying people in walmart (who will kick them out).

3 - Ok, YES! I am a sinner and you have shown me the error of my ways (driving by at 30 mph)... now what? Oh wait, I'm already a block away... back to touching myself...

Are they actually in front of a church?

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