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Feminist Muslimah takes on SAHDs


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I thought this was an excellent take on the Botkin Babes from a perspective we don't hear from as often as I wish we did. I don't agree with everything she says (but since when does that ever happen?) but I loved this point:

Many women, of all faiths, are opting not to do it all anymore, or at least, not do it all at once. Women are planning their lives so they can be there for their families. These decisions are not considered radical. In fact, it can be argued that a woman making an informed decision about how to live her life is in essence a feministic ideal regardless of her choice. However, actively purporting a return to patriarchal isolation as means to build self-worth, as the Botkin sisters encourage, is a dangerous excuse for intellectual laziness.
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That last sentence was my favourite too. Good article. I will definitely be sharing this. I think, feminists (at least the ones I know) get caught up in white, middle class, feminism and sometimes neglect the prospectives of women of colour. Third wave feminism is definitely improving in this way, but I still think it needs to keep going.

There's a documentary called Me and the Mosque about segregation in Mosques. I recommend it.

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