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Steven & Zsuzsanna (Zsu Zsu) Anderson

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Summary provided by: crazyforkate:

Updated 5/22/2014

Steven and Zsuzsanna Anderson – Fundie couple from Tempe, AZ, where Steven is pastor of the Faithful Word Baptist Church (AKA the Strip Mall Church or Church of the Holy Strip Mall due to its original location) and runs an on-and-off fire alarm business. They are noted for their extreme anti-gay stance (the church is officially listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center), as well as their hatred of the government. They are possibly the most vile and vicious people chronicled on FJ.

Most FJites know the family through Zsuzsanna’s blog, “Are They All Yours?!”, which showcases her conspiracy theories, homophobic diatribes, and obsession with organic food. Zsuzsanna grew up in Germany and Hungary. The couple met on a street in Munich. Zsu, somehow thinking it was a good idea to date a guy who kept a shelf full of KJV Bibles to fuel his inevitable martyr-burning, married him during a short visit to the United States, and moved there shortly after. Zsu’s hobbies include taunting the parents of dead children (on several occasions), demonstrating her extreme superiority achieved through natural living, and planning really cool birthday parties.

Steven Sr. famously prayed for the death of President Barack Obama, which was brought to national attention when a member of his congregation brought a gun to an Obama rally. The pastor is short-tempered in general and his sermons often take the form of rants. Steven is fond of taunting border patrol agents and creating terrible church music, as well as teaching his congregation how to beat their children. He was given the nickname Pissing Preacher (“PP”) after a sermon in which he railed against the indignities of men urinating sitting down. He has also participated in several God-awful films about the upcoming Rapture.

They are the parents of eight unlucky children – Solomon (12), Isaac (11), John (9), Miriam (7), Rebecca (5), Anna (3), Stephen (1), and Boaz (born May 2014). Boaz also had an identical twin brother, Jachin, who died at 20 weeks gestation due to Twin-To-Twin Transfusion Syndrome. During the pregnancy, Zsu underwent a few complex operations, which of course they shilled for on her blog. Despite receiving extensive help from medical science and breaking many of her own rules (such as seeing a male OB/GYN), Zsu appears to have learned nothing from this experience and continues to be her usual hateful self. And so the couple continues their twisted ministry. God help us all.

Blog: stevenandersonfamily.blogspot.com

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