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Scholars of Fundieland


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I’m not sure if this question should go here or in the chatter forum, so please do feel free to move it. I think this might actually be a good addition to the reading list/documentary thread we had awhile back. I’m not really all that familiar with scholars in the field that might give me a good start for some generalist readings.

I’ve read Joyce, as well as most of the books by the fundies themselves, except the Pearls, who I just can’t bring myself to do. Do you ladies know of any scholars in the field of fundie watching who study/write on the subject?

And, yes, I know this is vague. I’m sorry. I’m not trying to my own work simpler, I just don’t know where to start and I'm hoping the list would help others as well. I’m open to anyone in the social sciences or the humanities. Or anyone, really, that might help us all to study the fundies that we snark on from an academic point of view.

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