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Kidzaplenty and the plagues


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When I read this blog back before I found FJ, she looked pretty fundie, but now that I refound it she is practically normal compared to the other blogs discussed here. She is quiverfull, homeschools and gives birth at home unassisted. Every year they do a plague week to celebrate? the plagues that God sent on Egypt. Some of it is cute, but some is just strange. Looks like she quit doing it after 2009.



Warning: Don't look at that post if you are easily grossed out. They made a "frog" meatloaf that is gag worthy.






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Ok, in the last one, she says "And the Hebrews plundered Egypt before they left, taking riches and treasures that would sustain them for the years to come." Haven't thought about this in a long time, but here goes...

So, the Hebrews left so quickly, they didn't even allow their bread to rise, but they made sure to plunder the Egyptians before fleeing. How very...practical. Guess that explains why the fundies have no probs scamming people out of their money and possessions today - they're simply following in their ancestors' footsteps. ;)

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