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Fundie vs. Mother Earth News


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I got my current copy of Mother Earth News today and was perusing it when I came across this wonderful example of fundie (circular) logic in a letter to the editor. Enjoy the crazy!

We are in the middle of a demographic winter, with aging populations worldwide. The last thing we need are smart people choosing to not "bring children into a world like this" or whatever other doomsday nonsense your various writers and readers like to spout.

Children are a blessing, period. Given that every single developed country is not replacing itself with native births, and is only keeping even, if that, through immigration, it must be Latino, Asiatic and African countries that are producing a "surplus" of people. We are facing an inability to take care of the aging boomers who subscribe to your magazine because they were too selfish and godless to procreate (but had no problem filling landfills and waterways with pollution created by their contraceptives). Stick to farming, and stop pretending to know something about worldwide populations.

Tess Bomac, Lake Bluff, IL

Isn't that awesome? Bet you didn't know that it was contraceptives causing the world's pollution, didya? The editor replied graciously, I thought. Here's the reply -

Well, Tess, I guess we just disagree. The facts are clear: The human population has roughly doubled in the past 60 years; the United States adds the equivalent of a new Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area every year, and it looks like we added more human beings to the total population last year than we've ever added before in the history of the planet. Human population growth isn't a crisis, yet, but it will be if we don't wake up and do something about it soon. - Mother

I wonder if Tess will write to worldwide census bureaus and demand a recount! :lol:

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What a dumbass. That might be one of the most stupid things I've heard. A decade's worth of used condoms wouldn't stack up to one year's worth of dirty diapers for one kid, not to mention the fact that a condom or empty BC pack doesn't eat, use a toilet, use electricity, and grow up to have its own household and repeat the cycle.

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This argument, recycled over and over, is perhaps the most racist thing I've ever heard. The US is the melting pot, and we used to be pluralists. You could retain your culture of origin's distinctions, and you could comfortably interact with other cultures without it being a problem.

Guess when the minority shoe starts to slip onto the caucasian foot, suddenly it's some kind of problem?

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