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Some good news out of Dubuque.


A jury on Friday awarded a Dubuque firefighter $575,000 in damages for sexual harassment and gender discrimination at work.

The civil trial for Jami Boss, who sued the City of Dubuque and Fire Chief Rick Steines, lasted eight days at the Dubuque County Courthouse. The jury began deliberating shortly after noon Thursday and announced a verdict after 2 p.m. Friday.

Speaking to the Telegraph Herald, Boss said she hopes the verdict will “hold somebody accountable” for the sexual harassment and discrimination that she endured.

“I feel like this is the first time someone really listened to my story,” she said. “And I’m thankful that they understood what happened to me and the environment (at the fire department).”

This ain't the first time Dubuque's been called to the carpet, as it were.  The police department had to pay a female Captain almost two million dollars last year for sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.  One of the big reasons the verdict wasn't much larger was that the jury said they didn't see where retaliation had occurred.  I hope things change in Dubuque since they've had to pay out serious cash more than once. 

Not too long ago the Fire Chief announced his retirement.  At the time I didn't think too much of that but now I wonder if he decided to jump before he got pushed out for allowing an environment to persist that led to this suit.

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