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The Righteous Gemstones


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@Hane recommended, last month (in the Bro. Gary topic),

”Binge recommendation: “The Righteous Gemstones,” an HBO series starring John Goodman,about a family made wealthy by their megachurch.”

Realized I had HBO via my signing bonus (?) and that John Goodman is a headliner.  It’s fabulous!  Does anybody want to discuss? 

Burr under my saddle as to what’s coming up in Sunday’s episode under a spoiler 


Who are the 2nd & 3rd stiffs at the reporter’s cabin and how did the one wind up in a tree?  

My guesses: Junior is the burnt corpse and the tree guy is … the neighbor who irritated the reporter?  I figure: he had climbed the tree to get away from the shootings and got shot.  

The perps: Eli & Martin. 

This show is SO good. I binged it and I’m not that big a tv watcher generally. 

John Goodman’s presence lured me in, but literally every other actor in it blows a person away! 

And of course you can’t help but wonder how close the behind-the-scenes and the opulence of the fictitious family is to, say, the  Shamblins and the Sprouls. You KNOW they’re underreporting, as it were, the riches of the Osteens.  But as Osteen mentions Jesus once in a couple of blue moons, I can’t consider him evangelical.

Just an incredibly successful grifter. 

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@Hane, Goodman & I may have lived within a few miles of each other, in the day! And an actor friend actually appeared with him in classes at their local junior college.  He was still in high school but was admitted to the program there,

She said he was polite but absolutely all business, there to learn the craft.  People from St. Louis tend to think awfully fondly of him - and with pride!

I’m keen to find out how Eli “stole Aimee-Leigh away” from her act with Baby Billy. 

This is my introduction to Danny McBride. From cursory searches, sounds like people less impressed with Gemstones feel like Danny has a trope he just recycles. Have you seen any of his other stuff? 

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Welcome to the madhouse - er, spiritual center, Sister @bea!  This show has me looking forward to new episodes like I haven’t done since … can’t remember when! 


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Oh it's such a good show! The introduction of Eli's sister in the first episode makes me wonder where she is and when she'll show up. I'm not sure who my favorite main star is (I'm thinking Judy), but Keefe is for sure my favorite supporting cast member.

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