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Found 13 results

  1. I just saw this while reading news articles online, and found it rather interesting. It's not very often that the Brethren are in the media, however, it is not at all surprising that they're willing to make use of funds they are not entitled to. http://www.smh.com.au/national/education/exclusive-brethren-federal-labor-calls-for-investigation-into-funding-of-extremist-cult-schools-20160707-gq0jq5
  2. I read this blog post the other day: http://www.catholicgentleman.net/2016/03/a-prayer-to-st-joseph-before-work/ It was the feast of St. Joseph (as in Mary's husband) Part of it says: It is saying that we should all work! God ordained it to teach your child a craft and to work for you child(ren) and wife! And I will never understand why the grifting fundies don't believe that work isn't a curse. earning a living and taking care of your family is a noble thing. And notice Joseph taught Jesus a craft- carpentry- not preaching. Jesus learned that on his own because Ma (Mary) and Pa (Joseph) let him (Jesus) follow his own calling. So what do you say Dave R? Joe N? John S? Bates? Duggars? I'm sure many others that I don't follow or know. Of course they will never read the blog above because it is a Catholic blog. And at the end of the blog post is a prayer for St. Joseph to intercede on your behalf.
  3. I'm a big fan of Dear Prudence. This was posted yesterday. Q. My brother-in-law is God’s telemarketer.: My husband’s brother has done well in life—he has a great job, comfortable life, and a beautiful family. He recently decided to give up his job and home to go on a mission to serve as year-round staff at a wilderness Christian camp, family in tow. To do this, he must fundraise about $40,000 a year and recently approached my husband for funds. Neither of us wants to donate as we feel like this mission is motivated as much by his desire get back to the outdoorsman lifestyle he loves as it is by piety, and we are not convinced of the mission’s worth. I would rather donate to a charitable cause in line with my personal beliefs (I’m not Christian). Finally, things are tight—we have good jobs but live in an area with a high cost of living and feel pinched. Is there a polite way to reject future fundraising for this endeavor? A: What a great setup for him: “I’d like to live in the woods, please send money.” I genuinely hope he gets it! Tell him you’re happy for him but money is tight, and moreover you prefer to give, when you can, to nonreligious charities. Hopefully he’ll understand that just because he’s found his dream job, it’s not the responsibility of his friends and relatives to pay his salary. At the very least, he lives in the wilderness, so he probably can’t call very often.
  4. Because JESUS!! Some mission trip to Peru and she needs the money by May next year. So don't give her Christmas or birthday gifts. instead help fund God's daughter.
  5. Reverend Creflo Dollar has lived up to his name, asking for 200,000 people to each pledge "$300 dollars or more" to pay for the purchase of a $65 million Gulfstream G650--which happens to be the fastest private jet ever made. Why, you ask? Well, to further the kingdom of God and help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, of course! Seriously, this guy is making John Shrader look like a rank amateur at grifting. http://www.cnn.com/2015/03/13/living/cr ... -jet-feat/
  6. The Friendly Atheist has covered the creepy, patronizing way that one JW leader is asking for donations. To me, Stephen Lett (the leader in the video, one of the JW's "governing body" who they believe is one of Jehovah's chosen representatives on earth) really does sound like he is talking to a slow witted child when he speaks. It's almost as if the leaders themselves think that only a stupid person would follow them. The JWs like to think of themselves as being separate and better than other Christians, but does anyone who watched the video actually think that this guy's plea for donation is ANY different than when other religious leaders ask for money? JWs are actively discouraged from donating to "worldly" charities and have been told for a long time to give all their money to the Watchtower (the JW organization). However, it seems to me like they are becoming more desperate in their pleas for money. I think it is possibly because they are currently in the middle of A LOT of litigation over childhood sex abuse being covered up by their organization. I think when you boil it down, almost all organized religions are ultimately about grabbing money from gullible people sadly (not to say all of them are, but it seems like so many are focused on money)
  7. snarkykitty

    Purpose of fundraiser

    I am devastated to read a recent post by a younger (19 year old) relative whose parents in the past ten years have changed from born/baptized/raised Presbyterian to 25 years of nothing, to Methodist and now Baptist. She works part time with the (physical) church and posted about a fundraiser for a conference that will help "train pastors to spread the Word of God in an area that is heavily burdened with other religions in India." I am sick to my stomach. It's so presumptive and arrogant. And if I say anything about it, said relatives would all FLIP out and de-friend me on Facebook. Then again, that might not be a bad thing.
  8. outoftheorthobox.blogspot.com She's asking for $25 a month for an ad, $25 for a guest post or $75 for four guest posts. I wonder if she's going to get anything given that she only posts once a week at the most. I think she'd like to be the Jewish version of the old Raising Olives (when RO was posting all the time and had lots of sponsors and partners), but it's going to be hard for her to build that kind of following when there aren't the same numbers of Jewish fundies online.
  9. The arrogance of these megachurch preachers is amazing. Why can't he pay a week of his salary to buy the 50,000 new blades? But hey he speaks for god and dictates what god will give you if you do donate. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/06/2 ... elieve-why ishop I.V. Hilliard of the New Light Christian Church has his Texas congregation talking after he sent out a newsletter asking his congregation to donate $50,000. Was he starting a food pantry? Working with disadvantaged families? Moving people out of homelessness? Oh, no. He needs new blades for his million dollar helicopter: Bishop I.V. Hilliard of the New Light Christian Center Church, which has six locations in Texas, said the church chopper needs maintenance just like any vehicle. The flyer obtained by KTRH quotes bible scripture, stating, “We have an urgent transportation need that the Lord said can be an opportunity for you to see His favor and His wisdom released to help you.†He suggests that the “Aviation Department†of New Light could get a deal on new blades if the ministry collects the money right away. In exchange for money, he said the Lord will issue a favor to congregants that might help them obtain their dream vehicle. That's right! In exchange for the $52 donation, each donor will receive their dream vehicle in 52 days or 52 weeks. Because the Lord works in mysterious ways, but keeps a tight calendar. After community outrage, Hilliard had this to say: Hilliard allegedly responded to Isiah Carey of Fox stating: “New Light Church World Outreach and Worship Centers, Inc. regularly make appeals to Special Partners, Members and friends of the church for the support of various programs and services. Occasionally, it is not uncommon for an appeal to be directed toward specific Kingdom projects or specific needs. In this instance, the appeal was directed to our Special Partners and friends who are familiar with the Biblical principles upon which we base our faith. We sincerely regret if anyone was offended by this appeal in that it was not our intent.â€
  10. I subscribe to the Above Rubies email group (had to be dishonest to get accepted, but I was really curious to see what sort of things get said on there). This was posted recently with the subject "Family Seriously Questioning Our Life Choices", and I thought it was sad, mainly because her family appears to be suffering from their choices.
  11. There was an ad in my local paper from the FLDS. Apparently they ran an ad in a bunch of papers. Friday it was in the Washington Post, NY Times, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Salt Lake Tribune, Idaho Statesman, among others. Basically it's telling people to repent and go to their website flds.org where you can order various proclamations and such. If you go to the website, that's all it is - an order form. So...are they trying to convert the rest of us? Or just get money out of us?
  12. Peas n carrots

    Jewish Fundie Question

    My neighborhood fundies are Orthodox Jews. Generally they keep to themselves, but there is one odd thing I've noticed over the years we have lived here. Every sabbath, there is a group of Bar Mitzvah aged boys (all early teens and adorably awkward) who ride my train and will go around asking various riders if they are Jewish. This has happened to me once, and this happens to my husband on a regular basis. One time I overheard them asking is question to someone who answered "yes, they are Jewish" and they boys started asking him if he was going to services at night, if he had a bar mitzvah, and basically chasing after the guy as he departed the train and followed him to his car. My husband has heard that basically if you answer the kids that you are Jewish, you are supposed to give them money, but we aren't sure if that is true or not. So, my question to the Jewish FJ'ers on here is...have you ever heard of this kind of thing happening with young teenage kids? If so, what is the purpose behind it?
  13. The Duggars are hosting a lemonade stand today to benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=271645489547504 Pictures will be posted in this album. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= ... 560&type=3
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